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How to Write a 10-Min Play

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Lesson 1: Introduction to Structure of 10-Minute Playwriting
1) Elements of a play: genre/theme/characters/setting /conflict /plot.. 2) Staged play vs TV/film. 3) What is a 10-minute play? Twelve rules for the playwright 4) Playwriting Vocabulary List

  • 1.1) What is Playwriting? What is a Ten-minute Play?
  • 1.2) The Difference Between Plays and Film Scripts?
  • 1.3) What to Write About?
  • A1.1) Select 2 characters, a setting and a challenge (refer to Attachment I)
  • A1.2) Create the Plot (refer to Attachment II)

Lesson 2: Character & Characterisation Setting Conflict

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